Get set for zany, innovative action on the Cubee slot where time travel and eating monsters reward you with prizes. Find out more here!

Cubee Slot Review

Go on an exciting time travel adventure in this one-of-a-kind slot game and help Cubee defeat all his enemies, and in return, you’ll get generous multipliers and free spins. This is another unique game from Real Time Gaming. Cubee mixes a kooky theme with refreshingly modern mechanics and great graphics. Every spin of the game displays eight floating icons from the time vortex. This builds the energy level of Cubee, teleporting him from the stone age to the Viking age. Cubee gives you an immersive experience while you rack up winnings of up to 50,000x your wager.

Cubee gives you one exciting task: to assist Cubee in rescuing the Viking Age, Era of Piracy and the Stone Age from the evil Rocco and his cronies and helps Cubee get back to his beautiful homeland, Cubeeland. In return, Cubee rewards you with generous multipliers and free spins.

Main Features

  • Game Type: Video slot
  • Return to Player (RTP): 97.5%, 96.25%, 95%, 91%
  • Volatility: Medium-High
  • Themes: Bones, Casper, Lucifer, Spike, arrows, bows, axes, cannons, power balls
  • Release Year: February 13, 2019

Play for Fun (Practice Mode)

To complement the unusual gameplay of Cubee, Real Time Gaming has created distinctive symbols for the game. Instead of the common reel positions, numerous power balls, enemies and weapons float against the background, styled in line with the different periods of the game. Bows, cannons, axes, arrows and opponents appear in various colours, shapes and forms. The different power balls also have other functions.

Once they are beaten, the evil cronies, Bones, Lucifer, Casper and Spike deliver weapons and cash rewards to Cubee. This, in turn, makes Rocco, the main antagonist, weaker. Depending on the game era, the bows and arrows or cannons act as the scatter.

When playing this game, you need to help Cubee travel through time. He’ll begin his adventure from the Stone Age, move into the Era of Piracy and complete his adventure in the Viking Age. To move through time, he must defeat his main enemy Rocco. Several opponents arrive through the time portal. These other opponents can only be beaten if they have equal or lower strength to that of Cubee. The default strength level of Cubee in every round is one. However, his strength increases with each power ball that emerges from the portal.

To begin your adventure, click on the spin tab. The portal will release eight floating symbols – power balls, weapons, and enemies. Use the power balls and weapons to fight. Fight with the enemies.

Cubee Slot Review

Play for Real Money

Register a betting account and log in to your account to explore the Viking Age, the Era of Piracy, and the Stone age with Cubee. Apart from playing for fun, you can also play Cubee to earn real money. Click on the link below to start playing for real money.

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Cubee is not a progressive jackpot game, but its prizes start at 0.5x your bet. This can go as high as 50,000x your bet.


  • Coin sizes / how the betting system works: Load the game and begin your gameplay by selecting your wagering level with the minus (-) and plus (+) buttons displayed on the game’s screen. The minimum coin size is 1.00, while the maximum coin size is 20.00 per spin. Select your wagering level and click on the play button. There is no reel-spinning since the slot has no reels.
  • Symbols: The symbols of the game include;
    • Standard Symbol: Bones, Casper, Lucifer, and Spike
    • Wild: The Powerball represents the wild symbol and gives Cubee the energy he needs to fight his enemies.
    • Scatter: The weapons, such as arrows, bows, axes, and cannons, represent the scatters. They reduce strength from Rocco and his cronies.
  • Additional bonus rounds / special rounds: The meter at the left-hand side of the upper screen displays the current bet multipliers and free spins. The cannons that appeared during the Piracy Era add to the number of available free games. The bow and arrow produced by the portal in the Viking Age increased the multiplier. You will be able to utilize them if Cubee reaches Cubeeland, his home.

Software and Mobile Experience

This unique game is a total shift from traditional slots as we know them. RTG has outdone itself again in providing an exciting game without any regular lines or reels. The game comes in a bit of a childish design and overall look. However, this works well for the game. On your first encounter with the game, you find the game’s main character, Cubee, with four other monsters, which he fights in the game’s background. You will also see weapons and energy balls alongside the game’s 8 symbols.

Cubee is available on all devices, including pc and mobile devices, like android and iPhones. Its HTML5 technology makes it suitable and adaptable to all platforms. It works perfectly without hitches or glitches on smartphones as well.


Although Cubee is not the regular slot game that many players are attracted to, it gives players the chance to play a new style. This must-play game offers you a refreshing new adventure to brighten your day. It is a breath of fresh air from Real Time Gaming.

Furthermore, the variance of the game ranges from medium to high. You can also play Cubee on your pc and mobile phones. Cubee is exciting and will be worth your while. Play Cubee today for a brand new gaming experience.

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