Sparky 7

Sparky 7

One of the more interesting 3-reel video slots, Sparky 7 is fun and unique.

Sparky 7 Slot Review

Do you desire a mind-sticking and fun-evoking machine programmed video slot? You have the answer in the Sparky 7. Sparky 7 was launched by Real Time Gaming (RTG). It is a great themed and sensational game that gives all players who play the game to win. With the coming on board of multiple pay-lines and bet limits, players have the luxury of enjoying the game and making a lot of money in significant payouts.

In a bid to meet the desired need of every player, the video slot is available in instant play and download versions. It is enabled to work on Personal Computers, Laptops, and even mobile devices free of any unexpected delays or glitches.

Not your typical 3-reel slot, Sparky 7 has combined features more common to the 5- and 6-reel games.

Main Features

  • RELEASE YEAR: 19th August 2021


For beginners, Sparky 7 is no doubt a game of chance. Like most slot machine games, the players do not influence the reels. Neither the players nor the casino can determine payouts or grand winnings. Therefore, to grasp the game, a beginner must start first with the Demo option. This will enable the beginner to get used to the overall poise and manner of the game. It will also ensure that the beginner understands transferring symbols and free spins. One will be able to recognize symbols such as the different colors of 7s, bars, wilds, etc.


The Sparky 7 online slot is either for free or for real money. The game is a simple one to play. It is an electrifying slot game with maximum potential to win 50,000 times of the main bet. It is a captivating game to play for players who are looking for great fun while winning money. The game is no less different from other online slot games. When you have practiced on the demo, a player can select a bet amount and click on the spin button! The player must watch the reels.

When a winning combination is reached, the player will be credited with winning. Due to the high volatility of the online slot game, players with winning combinations often enjoy massive and jaw-dropping returns. The transferring and free spins features equally guarantee huge payouts for prospective players.


The SPARKY 7 online slot machine is one of any RTG slots that can quench a player’s fiery desire to get a go at some on top of the edge spinning action. The machine is quite suitable for old-timers with its mechanic and straightforward operations. However, despite the nostalgic feeling evoked by this game, it has solid modern components that make it an excellent choice for players inneed of mind-captivating fun.

  • How the betting system works: A player can win 50,000x their stake. This means that a VIP player who can bet with a maximum of $5 can win up to a staggering $250,000; Impressive! The minimum betting range is $0.50. There is equally a high rate of equitable access for all players. This makes SPARKY 7 online slot machine suitable for all kinds of players.
  • Symbols: SPARKY 7 Slot machine symbols are one of a kind with a touch of innovation. Essentially, there are just two symbols, BARS and SEVENS, which come in several colors.
  • Wilds: The wild in this slot machine is represented by a ‘W’ symbol. For the transferring symbol features, when the player has two 7s, a wild can substitute for the third symbol to make a winning payline.
  • Scatter: The scatter symbol is a purple bonus emblem covered with a golden frame. Wins with the scatters will be added to after being multiplied with the wagered amount.
SYMBOLS1 on a payline2 on a payline3 on a payline
Blue SEVEN (7s)x20
Red SEVEN (7s)x500
A combo of Red, Blue and Green 7sx15
BARSx1, x2, x15….
WILDS (W)Can trigger Transferring symbols in combo with two 7s
  • Additional Bonus Rounds: Transferring Symbols

The major bonus a player can be entitled to while playing this fantastic online slot video game is the Transferring symbols. When a player is lucky to have two 7s and a blank spot, a random symbol will be snagged to complement the two 7s. If a player is lucky to have a 7 Or wild as the random symbol, the winning combo will be completed when the fourth reel spins. Then, the player will be enabled to access an eye-popping amount of payout. However, having a bar as the random symbol doe not improve a player’s cause. This is a very advantageous initiative to the winning chances of any player. It boosts the player’s chances of winning.

  • Free Spins

If a player finds 3 bonus icons in the game at any time, the free spin feature will be accessed. The free spins come with an even greater advantage; multiplier wilds or win multipliers! The win multipliers can be up to 5x. A special effect comes with every free spin. This impressive feature brightens every player’s chance at getting the desired payout. Just as the Transferring symbols feature, the free spin is great from Real Time Gaming (RTG).


The overall ambiance of the Sparky 7 online slot game can be described as captivating. With flying park and electricity, the slot game is undoubtedly buzzing with a lot of life. The brilliant theme and ambiance of the game are enough to hook a player, whether in a real money game or demo option. It has great color choices for the symbols. The electrifying buzz that accompanies each win is nothing short of captivating.


THE SPARKY 7 online slot game is a beautiful brainchild of the Real-Time Gaming studio. The game is designed to electrify all users compellingly with unique themes. It has the essential components of a high-class casino game. SPARKY 7 is a classic casino game with a touch of modern twists, thus capturing a wide age span of users. The game’s features, such as the free spin and the Transferring symbols, ensure the bright chances of players getting payouts. Overall, it is a decent casino video slot machine.

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