High Roller Casinos 2022: Best high roller online casinos

High roller players have their eyes on the prize, and they are willing to make big bets to get there. Although most VIPs have experienced both scenarios several times during their betting careers, this thrill of losing or winning keeps them coming back for more.

But if you want to gamble online with the same veracity, you should know that not all online casinos are welcoming towards the high stakes gamblers. Sure, the potential for them to make some serious money of a high limit bettor is appealing, but so are the potential losses they could sustain. Thus if you want to play casino games with high limits, here the the top 5 casinos which welcome high limit players.

Best High Roller Casinos in 2022:

RankCasinoHigh Roller BonusWebsite
#1SlotoCash Casino$7,777 + 300 free spins
#2Rich Palms Casino400% match + 50 spins
#3Uptown Aces Casino$8,888 + 350 spins
#4Vegas Casino Online300% match bonus
#5Bovada Casino$3,750

The casinos listed above are the most recommended when searching for high stakes casino games. Truth be told, the simple task of finding a gambling website that offers large wagers on their games, be it table games or slots, is very hard. There is a lot of risk involved with catering to high stakes players and not every casino is willing to shoulder what could be massive losses from a high roller going hot on a winning streak.

Now that we have the list of the best high roller online casinos, let’s dive a bit deeper into the art of high stakes gambling.

The goal of high rollers is to win big, so they’re not afraid to place large bets to achieve it. While VIPs have experienced both winning and losing multiple times throughout their betting careers, this thrill of losing or winning keeps them coming back for more.

Online casinos also offer high roller games – they don’t have to be limited to highbrow establishments in Las Vegas! A player with a large betting limit who places a large wager is also at risk of losing a lot of money. If you want to ensure that the game is safe, fun, and fair, this should always be the first rule you keep in mind. Quitting when you are ahead might be your best option sometimes. With an understanding of who high rollers are, let’s discover what high roller online casinos have to offer.

High Roller Casino Games

If you want to play higher stakes games, you can play anywhere – though sometimes you will want something designed specifically for those with a larger bankroll.  The stakes for high-roller table games, such as blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, can range between $1,000 and $200,000 per game, making for a chance to win enormous sums of money when playing with large sums of money. Additionally, there are VIP tables, especially when playing with large sums of cash.

Unique live dealer rooms are available for players who want their casino to go the extra mile for them. By betting such high stakes, they are, after all, paying for this experience. It is only fair for an online casino to treat its players like royalty. Below are some examples:

High Limit Table Games

Many players prefer to play table games, so it’s no surprise that high roller casinos offer special categories for high rollers. Double-ups are common in card games such as blackjack or baccarat.

In roulette, instead of doubling up, you will double your bet from $100 to $1000. With this, you will earn a small profit and make back your money. It is possible to play either video roulette or live roulette with high roller roulette.

The most 3 played high limit table games are:

  • High limit roulette
  • High limit blackjack
  • High limit baccarat

High Limit Slots

High rollers prefer playing high limit jackpot games because they offer the potential for massive wins.

The stakes of high roller slots games may range from $20 to $5,000 per spin, and the RTP should be less than 90%. Slot game wins are determined by the size of the stakes you make, so the wins can be huge! In the best online slots, players do not have to adhere to the traditional limits imposed on them by most casino slots, allowing them to play on a budget more appropriate to their bankroll.

Here are some of the high rollers’ favorite slots:

  • Megabucks
  • Gonzo’s Quest
  • Lucky Little Devil
  • Book of Dead

High Limit Live Casino

Even though online games are fine and well, sometimes high rollers prefer to play at an online casino that gives them a sense that they are there. Live dealer games can satisfy your itch if you’re used to playing high-quality games.

Several live casinos offer high roller games specifically for players who aren’t so regular and want to bet more. A high roller will have a better experience in these games since the dealers know what you need, giving you higher limits, a more personalized experience, and possibly higher wins.

Based on Evolution Gaming’s data, high rollers mostly play these games:

  • High limit live blackjack
  • High limit three-card poker
  • High limit casino hold’em

Pros and Cons Of High Roller Casinos

High Roller Casinos offer several perks to high rollers. However, they equally have a few downsides mainly to the average gambler. Let’s examine some of these pros and cons below:


Some people aren’t cut out to be high rollers or VIPs. At the very least, you need to play real money casino games and make a significant amount of deposits along the way.

The following are some of the benefits and perks of being a top-rated online casino high roller or VIP. Getting to know the rewards and kickbacks that VIPs receive might convince you to become a casino high roller. Prominent ones include:

  • Casino Team  and Private VIP Host

Customer service that goes above and beyond the norm. A dedicated and trained staff is at the disposal of high rollers and VIP customers 24/7, so they can expect a level of service that is far beyond the average customer. Members of the special club have exclusive access to a host and casino team who can accommodate any special requests. They can communicate more quickly and efficiently this way.

  • Competitions and events for private clients

There are private tournaments with real money cash prizes for VIPs and high rollers. Due to the exclusivity of the tournaments and the fact that only a small number of people were invited to participate, most of the time these tournaments are free of charge to the player. As a thank you to the casino’s customers for their patronage, players also get a chance to attend sporting events, fashion shows, and movie premieres in addition to tournaments!

  • Special Bonuses

VIP players make out much better than average players thanks to high roller casino bonuses featuring higher percentages than average bonuses. Furthermore, VIPs and high rollers can look forward to a special surprise on specific anniversaries and birthdays. There are even some sites that send real gifts to VIPs!

  • Improved banking services

Being a high roller VIP allows you to negotiate higher withdrawal and deposit limits. You can customize these limits by working with your private casino team and host, who can get you exactly what you need!

  • Increased cashback

While regular members receive cashback bonuses on a weekly or monthly basis, VIPS receive higher cashback bonus amounts.

  • The Table Has Higher Limits

Tables with higher limits can be enjoyed by VIPs depending on their taste and interests. To ensure that the games remain competitive and engaging for the most demanding of high rollers, some sites have tables that are only open to players who are betting around a specific limit.


As good as high roller casinos sound, not everyone can handle the pressure that comes with playing at these casinos. High Roller Casinos also have cons and some of them include:

  • Only High-Tier Promos are Offered

High Roller Online casinos only offer top-tier promos which might discourage high rollers playing with the least admissible budget at the online casino. This in its purest form is a con of high roller casinos online.

  • A lot of money can be lost at High Roller Casinos

The Stakes are higher at high roller casinos and you can lose a lot of money while playing. In most instances, amateurs who throw all their money into high roller casinos lose a lot.


Like we mentioned, playing at high roller online casinos isn’t meant for everyone. You must be confident in your skills and strategies before investing so much in high roller casinos. The rewards and perks are equally great if you’re doing great with them. If you would love to take your stakes higher and make a lot of money gambling, playing at high roller casinos is your best bet.

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