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5.0 rating
Cocoa Casino: Get 300% Bitcoin bonus + 100 free spins
4.5 rating
Welcome Bonus: 400% match bonus up to $10,000
3.8 rating
400% match on your first deposit when claiming bonus code "400BONUS"
3.8 rating
Get 400% match on your first deposit, up to $10,000
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Get even more, up to $3750, when you use Bitcoin to deposit.
4.3 rating
Get 400% bonus + 50 Free Spins
4.0 rating
Get 7 x 200% match bonus and 75 Free Spins at Aladdin's Gold Casino.
4.8 rating
Claim a 300% deposit bonus and 40 free spins.
4.3 rating
Uptown Aces Bonus: Up to $8,888 + 350 Spins
4.5 rating
This Is Vegas Casino: 100% match bonus and 999 additional free spins.
4.8 rating
Get up to $7,777 + 300 bonus spins at SlotoCash Casino
3.8 rating
150% Bonus for new players, daily deposit and rebate bonuses.
4.3 rating
Red Stag Casino: Get up to $2,500 match bonus and 500 free spins.

About our review process

The online casino reviews above encompass the very best representation of online gambling companies today. We cover many faucets of the business when we consider which online casinos to review and what which are of the most value for the players – both current and future. Here are some of the main points covered:

  • Reputation – Without a doubt, one of the most important factors when considering an online casino, the reputation of the company is the first stepping stone to any casino being listed and reviewed on our website. It is the first thing we look at and if that test fails – the process goes no further!
    The reputation factor is the sole reason we list, review and recommend very few online casinos. If you compare us with other review websites, you will quickly realize that we only review a fraction of what other do. This is primarily because of reputation – both the casinos and ours. You can rest assured that when you see a review of a casino on our website – it is among the most reputable there is.
  • History and Longevity – the online gambling business is a cutthroat one, only the best casinos make it pass the 5-year mark. And the majority of our casino reviews focus on casinos that have been in business for over 15 years. The longer an online casino stays in business – the better service the casino provides.
    There are dozens of new casinos every year and very few make it, very few. A long-term vision is essential for the survival of any business, the casino one included. Great customer service, timely payments, variety of games, are some of the factors that would make or break a casino. In addition, the longer a casino stays in business – the more information about the casino accumulates. We can then in turn use this information to judge the reputation and credibility of the business.
  • Casino Games – variety is the spice of life and the online casino reviews we’ve written underline this important adage. After all, no one wants to play at a casino where all the games are pretty much the same, just with different pictures. Bonus slots, features, jackpots, 3-reel, 5-reel, 6-reel, table games, scratch cards and even bingo, the more the merrier, when it comes to casino games.
  • Banking – another sore point for many players and something we pay a very close attention to. Having the ability to chose from a large array of both depositing and withdrawal methods is essential to any casino customer. Not only that, but those methods should be fast and easy to use. Being able to make a deposit quickly, using any of the popular methods is a must. And no one wants to wait forever to get their cashout – speedy withdrawals of the winnings is mandatory to be included in our list of casino reviews.
  • Customer Care – This is one of those features most casino players tend to overlook until, of course, they need to use it. Having an knowledgeable and generally helpful team of customer service agents will make the difference between a minor inconvenience and a utter dissatisfaction. Multiple ways of contact, attention to detail and customer service is mandatory to be included on the list above.

Of course, these only underline the main points in an online casino review. We go into much more detail for each of the casino websites reviewed.

Bonus Offers

No online casino review would be complete without a full coverage of the bonuses, promotion and other offers. The casino today compete heavily with each other by using the bonus feature – all to the benefit of the customer. And no player should miss on the best bonus offers.

Do the casinos offer a generous welcome bonus to new players? The reviews will cover this. You will also see if the casino is offering one of the most sought after bonuses – the no deposit and the free spins bonus. We also look into whether the bonus conditions are unfavorable for the player, by establishing an industry average and making sure the terms and conditions of the bonuses are much better than the median.

Another point of discontent with nearly all casino customers is the wagering requirements of the bonus offers. These requirements indicate how many times the bonus and deposit must be “rolled over”, i.e. wagered by the players, before they can cash out their winnings. Some online casinos tends to go with ridiculous playthrough requirements, lessening the chance of a player coming out a winner when using the bonus. We don’t believe this is the intended purpose of the bonus offer and would never consider reviewing such online casino. The wagering requirements, just like the general terms and conditions, should be fair and reasonable. The player must have an opportunity to cash out their winnings, should luck smile their way.

In our reviews, we have noted the best bonuses you can get at each casino, but you can take it a step further. Simply visit our casino bonus page to compare the bonuses at a glance from all the casinos reviewed here.

Depositing and Withdrawal

  • How many depositing options are there and do they work? A lot of rogue casinos will advertise having all the depositing methods under the sun, only for the player to find out that most of them are not available once they open an account. Such sleazy tactics are often employed to attract customers, and leave the player with a bad taste for the entire online gambling industry. And while the landscape of the Internet gambling industry is such that sometimes banking methods may fall offline for a while, this should be the rare exception, not the common rule. Avoid this type of shysters by choosing only casinos we have reviewed carefully.
  • What’s even more important to the player is the variety of withdrawal methods. Being able to choose speedier withdrawal options means you can get your winnings faster. If the only options available are slow in nature – the joyful experience of winning at the casino quickly turns into an utter frustration.
  • Fast payouts, in our opinion, are just as, if not more, important. Once you win, you want to be able to take your winning home as fast as possible and get to enjoy them. Well, this wouldn’t happen if the casino you’ve chosen tends to sit on its hands processing your cashout.
    A lot of ill-reputed casinos tend to do this, hoping that the player would decide to play again and lose the money they’ve won. Don’t fall victim to these tactics and play at online casinos which process your payouts in a timely matter. They know that a customer is much more likely to continue to patronize them in the future, if they threat them well from the start.
  • Low minimum deposits and payouts are another point worth considering. This is especially important to players looking for a new casino. Some people either don’t want to risk a lot of money initially, before they get a feel for the casino, or simply don’t have a large disposable income to spend on entertainment. There should be no reason these players not to be accommodated. Moreover, the same way you are able to turn $20 into $50 at a Vegas gas station slot machine and walk out the door, the online casino player should be able to to do the same. There is no need for large minimum withdrawal amounts – if you won, you should be able to cash out your winnings, without having to chase some unnecessarily large min payout size.

Play Anywhere Anytime

You don’t have to be chained to a computer screen at a desk to enjoy some video slots. The Internet in general is moving quickly towards primarily mobile use and the reputable casinos are keeping up with this trend. By reading our casino reviews you will find out if the casinos are offering a mobile platform to their customers. Some of the really good ones will offer not just an access to a mobile-customized version of their websites, but actual apps for your Android or iOS mobile device.

The apps are much more impressive with amazing graphics, intuitive menus and full access to the casino games. Customers can deposit and cashout right from the app, there is no browser dependency or irregularity in displaying the games, it’s overall a much better experience. And if all is done correctly, which is the case with the top casinos, the effect on your mobile data plan would be negligible. Yes, a lot of people have moved to the unlimited plans, but even more are still stuck with data caps, and it’s important not to have the casino drain it for no real reason.

What to look for in the casino review

While we strive to cover as much as possible in our review, and in the process give our honest opinion on a variety of features, the fact is that our casino reviews are written with the intend to give information to the widest possible audience. That said, when making your own decision which casino to choose, there are personal things that may come into play.

People tend to be creatures of habit, and once we find something that we enjoy or works for us, we tend to stick with it. We believe that it’s no different with the online casinos, so here are some things you may want to consider from your point of view, when reading the casino reviews:

  • Does the casino offer your favorite games?
    There are many casino game developers and in general the casinos tend to offer the portfolio of games from a single developer. You may, for instance, prefer the visual style and gameplay offered by the RTG casinos, so it would not make much sense to look for them at a casino using the WSG software. Unless, of course, your goal is to expand your game universe and try something different. But there is nothing wrong in knowing what you like – so if you prefer certain games, it pays to stick with casinos that work with that software developer.

    That said, there are a few casinos that would offer games from more than one gaming developer. Those are the best option for people who would like to try different style of games, yet have the option to play their favorites, as well, without having to sign up at another casino. The Bovada online casino is an example of a casino that offers access to multiple developers.
  • Does the casino have your preferred payment methods?
    Speaking of “favorite” things at the casino, the banking methods are just as important. When you read the casino reviews, pay attention if the casino in question works with the depositing and withdrawal methods you prefer. For example, you may prefer to bank with LiteCoin, but that particular casino only pays in Bitcoin. Or you have a Neteller account, but only a Skrill account is acceptable.

    Make sure the casino is working with your favorite banking methods. This will make your transactions easier, since you are already set up and familiar with the processors. And will also avoid any sourness by finding out that you have to use something you are not familiar with, and have to deal with that whole rigamarole.
  • Can you play for free at the casino?
    Being able to try out the games the casino offers, without having to risk anything or even waste your time opening an account is worth paying attention to, when reading our casino reviews. Any reputable casino will let you try the games for free, and we have indicated this on every casino review on this website.
    More importantly, can you play all the games for free at that online casino? For some reason, certain casinos will limit the number of games that are available for free play. We can only guess that the reason is to discourage people from simply entertaining themselves without using real money.

    But we wholeheartedly disagree with such strategy. Sure, there will be people who will never open an account and play with real money. But this should not detract from the main purpose of the “free play” option, namely to allow potential customers to try out all the casino has to offer. It’s also another reason many people chose to play online, rather than waste time going to a brick&mortar casino, where free play is not offered. Taking this from people, or even limiting it, is not a good way to do business, and you don’t want to patronize casinos which put customer satisfaction on the back burner.
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