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If you’ve ever wondered how to play free slots and at the same time win real money at the USA online casinos, with no deposit required, then this is the guide for you. Today we will give you an amazing tip that will give you the option to play free online casino games and instantly win real money, no deposit required! If you think this is too good to be true, then read on.

While this may be considered by some as a hidden gem or one of the greatest tricks you can play on the online casinos, the truth is much simpler and certainly not sinister at all. The fact that you can play casino games, especially slots, for free, yet win real money from the casinos, has never been a secret. A lot of the online casinos offer this to every player and have been doing so for many years. Here we will describe the process of playing the casino games for free and winning real money in return, without having to make a deposit, as you would with normal bonuses, such as a welcome bonus or a deposit match bonus.

But for those of you who already know how this works, here is the latest list of no deposit required bonuses at the top casinos, and the real money you can win using them:

CasinoFree MoneyReal Money WinBonus CodeWebsite
Las Vegas USA$400$120NWY20
Rich Palms Casino$40$100CHILL40
High Country Casino$500$1,000HC500
Vegas Casino Online$300$100NWY35
Lucky Tiger Casino$40$100LUCKYCHIP40

How can you win real money when playing free games at the online casinos? The procedure is actually very simple. The online casinos have been using bonuses to compete with one another for customers for a long time. And one of the most sought-after offers is the no deposit bonus. When using this type of bonus, as the name implies, the player doesn’t need to deposit any money of their own in order to claim it and play the casino games with it. Not only that, but your winnings from the bonus can be cashed out for real money, up to a certain amount.

Let’s look at an example to make this even more clear. For instance, if the casino is offering a $50 free to play their games, and the terms and conditions of the offer note that the max cashout is $150, it means that the casino will add $50 to the player’s bankroll. Those chips are absolutely free, no deposit required to claim the bonus. Once you receive it, you can play any of the casino slots. In the end, if you’ve been lucky in your gaming, you can withdraw up to $150 of your winnings. This money is real money and will be cashed out just like it would if you had made a deposit. The only difference is that you don’t have to risk real money to win real money!

Many of you may be asking yourselves right now if this is legit. After all, if it sounds too good to be true than it must not be. Rest assured, this is absolutely legit and real. You will get to play the casino games for free and win real money, as long as you meet the wagering requirements of the bonus. This is one of the best promotions the online casino can run for their customers, although not all of the best online casinos tend to do it.

But why would a casino offer something like that? As mentioned earlier, it’s just another form of casino bonus in order to attract players from other casinos. In a lot of ways it’s like a loss-leader at a retail store – some items are priced very low in order to get feet through the door. The online casinos are using it the same way – they give you to opportunity to play the games for free and win real money, in the hopes that you will enjoy their casino and continue to patronize them, instead of going to a competitor. And let’s not forget that not everyone will win when playing the slots. A lot of people will simply lose the free money the casino gave them, so it’s not that huge of a loss for the casinos.

In addition, this opportunity to play free casino games, win real money, no deposit required, does come with some drawbacks. For one, the maximum amount one could win is not limitless. It’s usually no more than a few hundred dollars, although any free money is a great deal. The wagering requirements, something that is part of any casino bonus, deposit or no deposit, tend to be much higher with this type of offer, thus it makes it a bit harder to cover the wagering amount and win real money. This is one of the reasons we recommend taking advantage of any large deposit match bonuses, for example, the welcome bonus. Those tend to offer much lower rollover requirements and nearly always there is no maximum limit to the amount you can win when play with the free bonus.

Of course, if you don’t want to risk any of your own money, there is no better way to play the casino games for free and win real money, than using any of the no deposit offers we’ve posted above. If you end up being a winner you will get to cash out real money, but at the worst case – you get to play the casino games for free, no deposit needed on your part. You can’t beat this kind of opportunity, so for anyone interested – simply choose the bonus that looks best to you and give it a try.

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