Mobile Gambling: How to play mobile casino on Android and iOS

Despite all the turbulence of 2020, smartphone technology has revolutionized businesses. We will explore below why this has also been the key driving force behind the growth of online gambling.

Since the global healthcare crisis erupted on the world stage in 2020, online betting has been on the rise, with mobile devices playing a big role. Millions of people were left with a lot of free time, and regular distractions like sports were disrupted as COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdowns continued into 2021. As a result, mobile gambling at casinos increased dramatically. In 2019, half of all bets were placed using a mobile device, and that number has greatly increased in 2020.

In addition to technological innovation, regulatory liberalization has also contributed to this growth. In recent years, even the puritanical United States has begun allowing online gambling (on a state-by-state basis), and now Germany is looking to expand the availability of online casino games as well.

The technological train shows no signs of slowing down either. The number of online casinos accepting cryptocurrency is growing, and VR games have already begun to take shape. Mobile phones can perform as well as many low-end desktop computers, except for their screen size and typing interfaces. Today, we are taking advantage of all that computing power more than ever before. We now use our smartphones primarily for mobile gaming of all types.

It is common for people to play mobile games online for long periods. Thankfully, the biggest online gambling websites have jumped on the mobile gaming bandwagon. There are now three ways to play online: through a browser, through a download to a desktop, or a mobile device. Mobile banking makes managing your player and bank accounts even easier.

How to Gamble on Android Devices

You are likely reading this page because you want to know how to use Android devices to gamble. It is surprising how much fun it can be to make a bet with a mobile device, whether you are playing casino games, playing poker, or betting on your favorite team.

It is not difficult to bet on your Android smartphone or tablet, but setting it up for the first time can be a bit tricky. Don’t worry, we have compiled a simple step by step guide to making sure your device is ready to be used with mobile betting as soon as possible:

1.    Find a website that supports Android casino, poker, and sports betting

To start gambling with our Android device, we will need to choose a site to play on. You shouldn’t have a problem finding a place to play if you live in an area where internet betting is legal and regulated.

2.    Sign up

The next step is to open an account with the casino you decide to play at. You can play in as many casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms on your device as you want. You are encouraged to visit the betting spot’s website via a PC or mobile web browser to see what is offered for action before registering.

3.    Set your Android to allow side-loading

Generally, Google does not allow gambling apps to be placed in its Play Store. Even though this may cause some inconvenience for gamblers, it doesn’t mean that you cannot download a gambling app. It is possible to play gambling games on your mobile browser. However, if you want it downloaded:

  • On your device, open the settings menu.
  • Locate the security button (you may need to scroll down).
  • Choose the option that reads “Unknown Sources: Allow installation from unknown sources”.
  • An external source may harm your device, and you will be warned. Although technically true, there is no risk of damage to your phone from an online betting site. Press OK.
  • You’re ready to go!

4.    Install the online casino app

Go to the mobile section of the casino website. If you have a PC and download the app, then you can save it to your desktop, then you connect your Android to your computer via a USB cable, and then you transfer the app into a folder on the device’s hard drive.

Afterward, disconnect your computer, navigate to your phone’s folder, and click the app. If you have downloaded anything from the Play Store before, your device will guide you through the installation as usual.

How to Gamble on IOS Devices

Unlike Android devices where mobile gambling takes a very long set of steps, gambling on IOS devices is pretty straightforward and has no special steps. Downloading an iOS app is also easier and more efficient because there are so many available. It is generally possible to download iOS betting apps directly from the bookmaker’s website, as they are available in the App Store.

  • Since both download and installation are bundled into one action, the only thing users need to do is log into the App Store, locate the bookmarker app, and tap “Get”.
  • As soon as you tap “Get”, the app will begin downloading to your device.

You can follow this process by monitoring the progress of the download. As they are essentially one, the app will begin installing as soon as it has been downloaded. As a result, there is no additional step involved other than opening the app once it has been installed.

You can also open your preferred browser whether Chrome, Mozilla, or Safari, and others to use the HTML 5 version of the online casino website. Casinos make them optimized and fully responsive to suit your needs.

Comparison of Gambling on Mobile Website vs Downloading

There are two ways to place mobile bets. They differ slightly, but there is a difference nonetheless. We will discuss both the pros and cons of both a mobile website of an online bookmaker and a downloaded mobile app.

Mobile Website


  • You do not need to download anything to your phone.
  • The desktop version has a similar design.
  • Your mobile data usage is lower on your phone.
  • Sports events and games are the same as in the desktop version.


  • Some features and extras are missing.
  • A browser is required to access a mobile site.
  • Mobile applications run at a slower speed.

Downloaded Mobile App


  • In most cases, all bookmakers that provide mobile apps offer versions for both Android and iOS devices. Therefore, you do not need to worry about your device’s type or operating system compatibility.
  • Downloaders and users of the application may be able to take advantage of special offers.
  • The bookmaker’s mobile app is completely free, and you can access its services without having to use a browser.
  • Whenever a sporting event takes place, you can place a wager anywhere.


  • The App Store and Google Play are not available for all companies.
  • Installing the application requires free memory on your device.
  • The app is not always available from every bookmaker or not all of the features that are on their site are available on the app.


It’s easy to construe from the details in this piece that it’s now easy for you to have fun regardless of where you are. You don’t need to sit in front of a laptop to get things done. Simply opening your browser to open your favorite online casino or getting the mobile application would suffice. Have fun gambling on the go!

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