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Among the most popular features of the online casinos, the no deposit bonus is perhaps the one players seek out the most. And who can blame them – having the chance to win actual real money and getting this type of bonus without having to make a deposit, who can refuse such offer? To some readers this may seem too good to be true, but here we will guide you through the entire process and you will see that it’s not only possible, but learn how many people do it all the time. From the no deposit bonus codes to the actual steps required to cash out your real money winnings, even some of the terminology and requirements, everything is covered in this guide.

No Deposit Codes To Win Real Money

The table below displays the latest no deposit bonus codes. If you already know how this works, feel free to go ahead and start using them. If this is your first time learning about this online casino feature, read further below to learn more.

Online CasinoBonus CodeNo Deposit BonusWebsite
Lucky Tiger CasinoLUCKYCHIP50$50 free play on all slots games
Red StagZOMBIE7$7 free play on Zombie Invasion slot
Miami Club CasinoMSCRATCH5$5 free on scratch games
SlotoCash CasinoRAID5050 spins on Desert Raiders slot
Uptown Aces OnlineDESERT3030 free spins on Desert Raiders

What is the casino no deposit win real money bonus?

First, it’s a great way for people to both try the games at an online casino, and at the same time have the real chance of winning money, all without having to make a deposit with their own money. Some of the popular online casinos advertise these “no deposit: win real money” offers at least once a month, some of them even once a week. And these are the exact same type of offers you can see listed at the beginning of this page. The casinos above will remit those no deposit bonuses, and if the player claiming them is lucky and wins a bunch of chips, they can withdraw real money in return.

Is no deposit bonus real?

One of the first questions we are required to answer is whether the no deposit bonus, the one that let’s you win real money for free, is actually real. And the resounding answer is a hard yes. It’s understandable that most people will find the notion of such offer, from a casino nonetheless, to be too good to be true. We have all either fallen for the many Internet scams out there, or at least know of someone first-handed who got cheated on the Internet. So a healthy dose of skepticism is not only understandable, but required if you plan on spending any time online today.

So it’s no surprise that many people wonder if the no deposit bonus is a real thing. Yes, it is, and a lot of online casinos offer such bonuses. Read further to learn more about it.

How does it work?

The idea behind the no deposit casino bonus is rather simple. The online casino publishes a bonus code, which after the player claims it, gives them a chunk of free money they can use to play the casino games. If the player happens to win some money with those bonus chips, the player is allowed to cash out the winnings as real money, i.e. money that will end up at your bank account. This is pretty much the entire process in a nutshell.

Of course, there are some requirements (I can see you rolling your eyes right now), but nothing too comprehensive or as restrictive as you’d imagine.

What are some of the requirements to win real money for free at the casino?

Here are some of those requirements that come with the free money won.

The casino will ask you, for example, to “roll over”, i.e. play, the no deposit bonus a certain amount of times before you can withdraw it for real money. This is understandable, otherwise people would simply claim the free bonus and then intermediately cash it out for real money, without a single spin at the slots. I know I would do it if I had the chance. Therefore the online casinos impose the wagering requirements in order to have the customer actually play the games. And if they happen to be lucky that day – they get to cash out real money winnings. If not, well, at least you had some fun playing the free online casino games. There is no risk, since you made no deposits at all.

An example of a no deposit code from the Lucky Tiger Casino. You can see the Terms & Conditions, specifying the wagering requirements, the games you can play and the maximum real money you can win.

Another requirement, more of a restriction really, is that some of these bonuses may be limited to just a specific casino game. We cover these types of no deposit offers in more detail further down this guide, but suffice to say, some of the bonuses could be limited to a particular video slot machine, for example. You still get to play for free and win real money, but you’d be able to do so just at that one particular slot the online casino has designated for that promotion. Other bonuses may not be as restrictive and let you play on any of the slots you desire.

Most of the times these free casino bonuses will also come with an expiration date. Some of them may be an ongoing promotion at the casino, but generally, they will have a start and end date, a timeframe within which those bonus codes are valid. Thus in order to claim the code and start playing the casino games for free, your bonus code must fall with those dates, otherwise nothing will happen when you try to redeem it at the casino cashier.

There are a couple of other important parts of the terms and conditions of the no deposit bonus, so let’s cover those right now:

Is there a limit on real money I can win with free games?

Yes. This is probably the one restriction most players don’t like – having a limit on how much you can win. Every one of the no deposit bonuses will come with a maximum amount of real money you can cash out. It is an offer-specific, so there is no one set amount, but generally the max cashout is not more than a couple of hundred dollars. For instance, one free money bonus may let you withdraw up to $140, while another (even at the same casino) may go as high as $180 in real money.

It’s obvious that you won’t become a millionaire overnight playing the casino games for free with the no deposit offer, but let’s be realistic here. Firstly, you didn’t really risk anything to begin with, so if you can cash out, let’s say $160 real money in return, can you really complain? Secondly, a 160 bucks is a 160 bucks! It may be a little to some, a lot to others, but at the end of the day, it’s still $160 you got absolutely free.

So, yes, there is a limit on how much real money you can win playing the games with a no deposit bonus, but from a business perspective, it would be ridiculous for the casinos not to impose this restriction. Let’s imagine for a second that this requirement didn’t exist, and the online casino would let you win as much as you can, without any monetary risk on your part. Well, the casino will likely be out of business within a month. Since you are playing the real casino games, there is a good chance that you can go on a hot streak and rack up five figure winnings (or more). If the casino allowed you to have this opportunity – then why would anyone ever deposit money, they would just be playing with the no deposit bonuses and clean out the casino in record time.

So in order for the casino to strike a balance between letting the player clean out and not giving them the opportunity to win enough real money to make it worth playing, the limit to the maximum real money winnings was established.

New and existing players can win for free

As this eludes, both existing customers and new players to the online casino can win money for free, but this doesn’t apply to every no deposit bonus offer. Some of them will only be available to new players, i.e. people who have never been a customer to that particular online casino, while others may be available only to already existing customers, but not to new players. And then you will have those no deposit bonuses which can be claimed by both new and existing customers. A casino may have two or three available offers, so make sure that the one you choose to claim matches your circumstances. If you are new to this casino, look for the “new player” bonus code and vice versa.

Types of no deposit casino bonus

While there isn’t an industry-wide distinction between the different no deposit bonus offers, we personally like to divide them into two separate types: spins and chips. Both of them let you play the casino games for free and you can win real money in the process, but we find enough differences between them to divide them into two categories. Again, keep in mind that this is our own view on these offers and others may refer to them under different names or not make the distinction at all. Here are the two types:

No deposit free spins

This is the more common type of no deposit bonus. With this offer, the player is given a certain amount of free spins and whatever is won, up to the max cashout, can be withdrawn for real money. What we feel makes this bonus require this own category is the fact that there are two clear restrictions in place.

First, the spins can be used at only one specific casino game, most likely a video slot machine. Unlike any other bonus, here you can only play your free spins at that one slot and nothing else. The slots chosen for this type of no deposit bonus are usually the newest at the online casino, oftentimes the very latest slot will get its own special free spins promotion, so it’s a good way to check out the newest slot machine at your favorite casino.

The second restriction is the bet level of that slot. The casino will give you a certain number of free spins, but you won’t be able to control not only the game, but also the size of the bet you make with each spin of the slot’s reels. As such, you could be quite limited, since the bet level is on the small side, rarely going over $1 per spin, with $0.25 the most likely scenario. Sure, you get to lay longer, but your wins will also be one the small side.

Examples of no deposit free spins

We believe that people learn best by example, so let’s look at one to help describe this type of no deposit bonus. Let’s say that the Uptown Aces Casino is offering 30 spins on the “Desert Raider” video slot that can be claimed with bonus code DESERT30 (an actual bonus code at the time of writing). This is a perfect example of a free spins bonus. The casino is clearly stating that players will get 30 free spins and they will be on the Desert Raider video slot. There is no ambiguity about what this type of bonus is all about – free spins on a specific slot machine.

Free casino money

This is the category for the remaining no deposit bonuses. This type is almost the polar opposite of the free spins, when it comes to restrictions. With this one you will simply get a lump sum of free casino chips and you can use them to play any of the games at whatever bet level you desire. The drawback of this type of no deposit bonus (if you can call an option to play free games and win real money a drawback) is that the amount of free casino money is often on the low side, rarely reaching triple digits, if ever, depending on your preferred online casino. But clearly you have much more freedom in choosing the games you will play and how much you want to risk per spin, so you could win bigger prizes.

Examples of free casino money bonus

Let’s use an example once again to illustrate the differences with the free spins. The Red Stag online casino is currently offering $10 free with bonus code GOTIM10 (note that this code may have expired by the time you read this). One can immediately see the difference between the two types. Unlike the free spins, which can be redeemed only at a specific video slot, this bonus code will just give you $10 to play at any of the video slots Red Stag has in its game stable. You can pick a slot and bet them all on one spins, as well, if you so choose.

Hybrid no deposit bonuses

For the sake of completeness, we should also mention that there are hybrid bonuses. What are those, you may wonder? They are the type of no deposit bonus code that give you free money, but you can play those chips only at a specific slot. One example would be from the Red Stag casino again, where the bonus code ZOMBIE7 will give you $7 free to play on the Zombie Invasion slot machine. The difference here is that you are not getting spins, rather free money, which means that you can play at whatever bet level you choose. You are, however, still tied to just one particular video slot.

How to claim the no deposit

The redemption procedure of the “no deposit – win real money” bonus is generally very straightforward. If you look at the table earlier in this guide, you will see that for nearly every bonus, there is a corresponding bonus code. You can copy this bonus code, visit the online casino which offered the bonus and log in to your account. If you don’t have an account, simply open one, but make sure that the bonus code you’ve chosen is available to new players, since this is your first time at that casino. Once you are in, head over to the Cashier section (at some casinos it may be called “Banking”), and paste the code at the appropriate box. Then just click the “Redeem” button and you are all set.

Two things may happen at this point. If you’ve chosen the free casino money type, your account balance will be immediately credited with the amount of free chips stipulated in the offer. If, however, you are claiming a free spins bonus, then you may have to visit the slot machine to which the bonus is applied. Once you start that game, a popup will ask you if you want to play your free spins. Simply click “yes” and begin playing the game.

What games pay real money with no deposit?

Any and all of the casino games can pay real money with no deposit, but it would all be dependent on the terms of the exact bonus offer you’ve chosen. The majority of the free spins, for example, are all about just one particular game, usually a video slot. Some of the free money bonuses can be played on all of the games the casino has to offer. We have to admit, while the latter is the better type of bonus, as it allows you the freedom to choose and play any game, they are the hardest to come by. For that reason, this type of no deposit bonus codes will be placed at the very top of our list of latest no deposit casino codes, since in our eyes they should take precedence over all other offers, even if the amount of the bonus may be smaller.

Can I play free table games and win real money?

The answer is: rarely. Although not impossible, most of the free games that pay real money will cover everything but the table games. And this is due to the fact that unlike, let’s say, video slots, the house advantage of the table games has been mathematically predetermined a long time ago, when those table games were invented. For example, everybody knows about the house advantage of blackjack. And while casinos will often try to tilt the odds in their favor by introducing special rules (for example, when is the dealer required to hit, i.e. soft 16, soft 17, etc.) or add more decks to the game, the overall advantage changes very slightly.

Another reason, possibly the biggest, for excluding table games is that they give the player the opportunity to meet the wagering requirements that are part of every bonus, even the deposit ones, without much risk. I’ll give you an example – the roulette. A player can take the free casino money and bet red and black at the same time with the same amount of chips. With the exception of the ball landing on zero (or double zero, depending on your locale), you are pretty much guaranteed not to lose. Sure, you won’t win anything, and you may even lose a few spins to the zero, but at the end, you will cover the wagering requirements and be able to withdraw real money, with minimal risk of losing. Thus, the casino will either exclude the table games from the casino games eligible for free play, or will increase the wagering requirements to such level, it would make no sense to play at all.

There is one exception to this and it’s the custom, existing player promotions. All online casinos will offer their existing customers personal bonuses and various other promotions. Obviously we don’t have access to those, and even if we did – they were tailor made to a specific customer of the casino and will do us no go to publish such offers. But it is informative to know that sometimes the casino may send you a customized promotion that offers no deposit play at the table games.

Depositing methods and the free game play

As we come close to the end of our guide, we felt that we must touch upon another way to win real money and play for free, which actually does require a deposit. Yes, a bit off kilter for a guide that focus on no deposit to win real money, but it’s another option for those interested in maximizing their casino game-play.

Sometimes the online casino may give you free spins, in addition to a match bonus, when you fund your account using a particular payment method. For example, a casino may offer 300 free spins on a video slot, if you deposit using Bitcoin, a popular cryptocurrency, and a 200% match bonus. Meaning, that you will get a 200% match bonus on your Bitcoin deposit, but you will also get 300 free spins, as well. And those you can play completely separate from the bonus, and will also come with their own rules and wagering requirements. It is kinda like a no deposit bonus in addition to your deposit bonus. Clearly not quite in the spirit of this guide, but we like to cover all angles where one can play for free and win money.


If you couldn’t tell from this exhaustive guide, no deposit play and win real money is not only a real thing, but a very popular feature of gambling online. There are multiple ways to gain free game play, with the final result being real money in your pocket. Select one one of the codes above and give it a try. And finally, even if you don’t win at the end, at least you had some fun playing the real casino games for free and had the chance, just like a depositing customer would, to win real money.

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