Casinos ramp up bonus offers for Christmas heading into the New Year 2022

While the holiday bonuses are here, fewer casinos have chosen to make a big splash heading into 2022.

With people taking time off work around the Christmas and New Year celebrations, it has become a tradition for the casinos to capitalize on the extra time people spend at home. The holidays bonus bonanza is not much different this year, with every online casino offering plenty of promotions targeted at luring people to their properties. But there are some really different choices this time around, which is what we will look into today.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. A lot of people save up their entertainment budget in order to jump in on all these offers at the end of the old year and the start of the new. So today we have decided to look at some of the more interesting bonus offers from a few of the leading online casinos. If you find something interesting – take advantage, because these types of bonuses literally come around only once a year.

The Cocoa Casino will start the New Year the right way, with some fun promotions for both new and existing customers. Beginning January 1st and running all the way until January 31st, the casino is offering 5 free spins every day for the entire 2022 to all of their customers. You can stop by every day and try your luck at any of their slots, as long as you claim this promotion anytime in the month of January. This will qualify you for as many as 365 days of five free spins daily. If you are looking for something more substantial, current (and future) customers can opt in for their New Year’s 202% match bonus. The free money can be used on any of the casino’s slots.

The Miami Club casino has taken a different approach this year and while there are some free spins you can get (visit our no deposit bonus page for codes), this casino is aiming at the tournament crowd this time around. A  ‘Santas Party Freeroll’ tournament with a $7000 prize pool is active right now and will run until January 2nd. The slot machine of choice is Vegas Party and there is no price to entry, although competitors can re-buy at $5.99 a pop. Four other tournaments are also available right now until either the end of the year or going in as far as Jan 2nd, and they are $5 to enter each.

The Rich Palms casino is doing something a bit different than the rest this year in celebrating the Christmas and New Year holidays. They have decided to pay homage to the Twelve Days of Christmas with a “Seven Days of Christmas” promo. New players will get to play seven different slots for free, one each day after they have claimed this offer. You will get a predetermined number of free spins on each game and will get to keep your winnings. Visit the casino for more details and to see the slots covered under this promotion.

While there are some real creative bonuses like those outlined above, we can’t help but feel that this Christmas season most of the casinos were lacking in that department. Not only are some of the traditionally gigantic bonuses we are so used to just not there, some casinos have not even bothered to offer anything special at all. Sure, the sites are festive with Christmas themed graphics and all, but gone are those offers we became used to over the years. Not sure if some of the casinos have decided to take after the automakers and simply cash in on the stay-at-home trend, or if the budget is simply not there anymore. The fact remains that the overall creativity this holiday season was tested and found lacking. There are some casinos that are still keeping the tradition alive, but we are really disappointed by the majority of the casinos out there.

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