Super Bowl 2022 Point Spread: LA Rams big favorite over Cincinnati Bengals

It’s that time of the year again, the next iteration of the Super Bowl is just days away, and it’s time to take a look at the latest odds, lines and point spread on the 2022 Super Bowl, the 56th edition featuring the LA Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals.

At the start of the NFL season much was unknown, including how long would the season last, not to mention who had the best chances of making it to the Super Bowl. But through all the COVID-19 variants, the controversies surrounding the NFL health and safety protocols, and even additional game to the season, we are finally at the finish line: Super Bowl 56. One thing is certain, though, and that is the fact that very few people pegged the Rams to make it to the end, and even fewer banked on Joe Burrow to lead the Cincinnati Bengals this far. And while the Rams are still relatively new to the Los Angeles sports scene, the Bengals have been waiting for this moment for ages.

The sportsbooks don’t care about feelings, however, and their pragmatical outlook is reflected in the betting odds and point spread on the 2022 Super Bowl. So without further ado, let’s see the latest money line and spread on the L.A. Rams – Cincinnati Bengals Super Bowl game.

Starting with the numbers posted at the popular online sportsbook Bovada Sports, we find the Rams a rather big favorite to win the game outright. The LA Rams are listed with a -195 line to win the game, while the Bengals would pay out on +165 to deliver yet another upset this season. The 2022 Super Bowl point spread is sitting at -4 points chalk the Rams, which is a bit surprising, but it shows you how confident the bookmakers are in the LA football team, not even going for a field goal spread this year. The over-under on the Super Bowl at Bovada Sports is at 48.5 points at the moment, both sides of the bet paying on -110 odds.

Another popular sportsbook, Bookmaker, has also sided with the Rams this year. There the point spread on the Super Bowl is also at -4 points against the L.A. Rams, but the +4 spread on the Bengals is paying on only -106, a small indication that the sportsbook could eventually raise the spread up to 4.5 points. This, of course, will all depend on the flow of wagers as the game nears kick-off. The money line on the Super Bowl at this bookie also signals a greater inflow of bets on the Rams: their line is at -202 to win the Super Bowl outright, while the Cincinnati Bengals are holding +176 on a victory this Sunday.

And finally – the Vegas sportsbooks are also unanimous with their line on the possible Super Bowl winner this year. At almost all Las Vegas Sportsbooks the Rams have the -200 line to win while the Bengals are +165 underdog. The spread on the Super Bowl is a bit shaky in Vegas, with sportsbooks posting point spread anywhere from -3.5 to -4.5 chalk the Rams. We expect that the Vegas sportsbooks will fail to align before the game and will compete with each other this year by using the spread, i.e. giving about a half point to either team, depending on the sportsbook.

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