How long to get paid by the online casinos: Casino withdrawal time

One of the hottest questions among casino players is how long it would take to get paid. In this guide, we take a deep look into withdrawal times at the reputable casinos.

One of the most pressing questions for the casino players is how long it would take for their winnings to show up into their accounts, or mailboxes, if they choose to cash out using a check. It is completely understandable that the customers of any online casino will have this question right on their mind, even if they haven’t even won any money yet.

If history has been any indication, most of the casinos “go rogue” precisely by failing to pay out their customers winnings in a timely matter, or even paying them at all. This has left a lot of people with a sour taste for online gambling and with the proliferation of more local land-based options in many jurisdictions around the world, some people have simply chosen to take their business offline.

It also helped establish watchdog websites, like ours, where we evaluate all aspects of the majority of the casinos available online, collect information about important features, things that actually matter to the casino players. Then present you with our findings, giving you plenty of choice, and the option to avoid risk.

As such, you can rest assured that the online casinos listed on our website are the absolute best the industry has to offer. And this, naturally, includes the lead times for getting paid by those casinos once you win. That said, there are plenty of factors that could influence the time it takes for a withdrawal to hit your preferred banking method, so let’s look into this in more detail.

How long to get paid, General Time: 2 – 4 days

If we talk only in generalities, the usual withdrawal time would be anywhere between 2 to 4 business days, with most casinos processing on the shorter side of the scale. This timeframe, however, is highly dependent on many factors, which we will explore in more depth shortly. However, one should expect, at the worst, to get their money within a week of requesting a withdrawal. Anything further than that, barring unexpected circumstances, should be considered too long and a play should avoid patronizing that casino.

Factors Influencing casino withdrawal times

Now, let’s talk about the factors that would most frequently result in slowed times to get paid by the casino. All of those factors are universal to all online gambling websites, and the casinos simply have no control over them.

The First Withdrawal

One should always expect the first withdrawal you make at the online casino to take longer than usual. This is due to the standard procedure of verification of the players and their depositing methods. At every online casino, there are steps taken, sometimes referred to as KYC, or “Know Your Customer”, to verify the identity of the player and to make sure you are the rightful owner of the banking method(s) you are using at the cashier.

Prepare your verification documents in advance, even before getting ready to cash out. This would make the first withdrawal much faster!

This usually takes a few days, since input from the player is required, such as signed documents, copies of your credit card, if you used one to deposit, etc. The faster the player takes care of these things, the faster the first withdrawal would be processed. The time to get paid for the first time by the casino should not be taken as a gauge of how fast (or slow) you would get your winnings in the future.

Withdrawal Method

Another very important factor in this equation is how you’ve decided to get paid by the casino. This alone could make the process as short as one day or as long as a week. Using the fastest banking method, for both deposits and withdrawals, would ensure the speediest resolution.

For example, if you decide to use Bitcoin as a withdrawal method, your winnings could hit your wallet as soon as the next day. Some casinos will even deliver the payout the same day, if you managed to request it early enough in the day. This is because of the nature of cryptocurrencies themselves, the transactions are simply much faster.

On the other side, if you’ve chosen to receive your winnings in the form of a check, that would drastically slow the time it takes to actually be able to spend that money. Not only does cutting a check take more time (and involves more people within the casino organization), but the delivery of the check to your address alone could take more than a week. This is especially true around holidays, when the mail is already running slow to begin with.

The best ways to speed up this process is to use banking methods which are faster by nature. Besides Bitcoin, or any other cryptos offered by your online casino, the various e-wallets are another speedy option to getting paid. Companies such as Neteller, PaySafeCard, Skrill, etc. all result in a much faster withdrawal times.

Payout Limits

This is another factor that is dependent on the method chosen for withdrawing your money from the casino. While it somewhat varies from casino to casino, in general most of them will have a weekly limit of how much their customer can withdraw using a certain payment option.

For example, the SlotoCash online casino has a check cashout limit of only once per week. This means that if your winnings are too big to be cashed out with just one check, you would have to wait for the next week, before you can request another. On the other side, SlotoCash has no limit, neither on the amount nor on the frequency of withdrawal requests, when using Neteller or Skrill. Obviously choosing Neteller would be many times faster than trying to get your winnings paid out via a courier check.

VIP Status

One of the perks of climbing up the VIP scale of the online casino comes in the form of better banking times. Customers who have attained higher levels as VIP often get preferential treatment by the casino, and this extends to the time it takes to get paid. Faster processing times, higher placement in the withdrawal queue, higher withdrawal limits, are all part of the special VIP treatment the online casino players receive, so those points collected are not only good for redeeming for free cash. Players who enjoy higher VIP status will certainly get paid much faster by the casino.

In Conclusion

In the end, there are plenty of factors that may influence withdrawal processing times at the online casinos. Some will lead to faster payout times, others would result in the player getting paid slower than he or she generally could. Despite this, a good online casino will always pay within the general time-frame noted earlier in the article. We don’t give the casinos too much slack, and neither should you. If you feel that a casino is taking too long to send you your money, or they come up with various excuses – it should be considered a sign for you to simply move on and avoid that place in the future.

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