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Instant Deposit Online Casinos

While getting your casino winnings as fast as possible is imperative to every player, the speed of making a deposit at the online casino is equally important. After all, you would be hard press to win anything if you aren’t even able to deposit money to your player’s account.

Fastest Deposit Casinos:

RankCasinoInstant DepositInstant Bitcoin DepositWebsite
#1SlotoCash CasinoYesYes
#2Rich Palms CasinoYesYes
#3Uptown Aces CasinoYesNo
#4Cocoa CasinoYesYes
#5Bovada CasinoYesNo

We have reviewed in depth the fast withdrawal online casinos, and you can also read up on that topic, but today we will focus solely on one of the first major step anyone must accomplish when playing casinos online, namely the depositing part.

Once you have chosen where you would play, hopefully from our best online casino list, you are probably itching to get that big signup bonus and begin playing the myriad of games available at the casino. Sure, after all, this was the whole point of the exercise, wasn’t it?

An in order to do all this, the first step is to make a deposit. And the faster one accomplishes this task, the faster they can begin playing all those amazing video slots.

Unlike in the past, the online casinos today are very quick with the deposits, regardless of which payment method you would choose. It used to be the case that deposits were far from speedy, although in most cases the deposits were instant. The problem was that the more times the player tried to make a deposit, the higher the chance for the deposit to process slower or even not at all.

This was due to the fact that most credit cards were very wary of processing deposits to online gambling websites. This has dramatically improved over the past few years, especially when more and more US states are legalizing online gambling outright. There was also the possibility of the player triggering some fraud prevention security assessment, which would result in longer processing times. This is still true to this day, although the online casinos (and the Internet companies as a whole) have began using much more sophisticated, convenient and, more importantly, faster tools.

Today, all the top online casinos will offer not only vey fast deposits, but also instant deposits. We have totally flipped the script on this whole issue – from talking about casinos being able to process deposits to now comparing which online casinos have instant deposits, i.e. where one can fund their casino account the fastest.

And as you can see from the ranking at the beginning of this guide, there are quite the number of online casinos competing for the title of offering the fastest deposits. We have reached the point where we don’t even bother ranking online casinos which do not offer instant deposits. At this day and age, not being able to make a deposit and instantly begin playing the casino games with your money (and, of course, with your bonus) is simply unforgivable. There are so many options to choose from, as far as gambling websites are concerned, that every online casino should strive to offer this service to their customers. From our ranking, it’s clearly evident that they absolutely do.

Speed up your casino deposits

Of course, not everything would always go perfect and the circumstances surrounding a deposit made by one player could be drastically different from those of another. Thusly, in order to improve your chances to get not only the fastest, but an instant deposit, there are a few things we will talk about right now.

Depositing method

This is by and large the most important factor of how fast your deposits will go through. Credit cards have always been the preferred method for most of the payers, so using them is the most convenient and easiest for the player. And they are also the method which will get you playing the casino games the fastest. In nearly all cases, using a credit card will result in an instant deposit. Barring some unforeseen problems with the card issuers, lack of funds, etc., this is absolutely the fastest way to deposit money at the online casinos.

Using Crypto

But another method is giving the credit cards the run for their money, pun intended. Bitcoin (and a few other cryptos) have really become the best way to deposit money at the casino, especially now when the sites we have ranked on our “Fastest Deposit Online Casinos” list all offer instant Bitcoin deposits.

This is a feature that we have seen available only at the online casinos, no where else. Most other places that accept Bitcoin as a payment method usually require the player to wait for 3-4 confirmation on the blockchain before the money are credited, whether to an account or as a payment for goods and services. The speed of confirmations vary, but it usually takes at least 15-30 min. This, however, is not the case with the instant deposit online casinos we have at the beginning of the page. The funds will be credited to your account instantly, certainly the fastest deposit casino option, especially when one considers the fact that there are no denials of processing the deposit, as it could happen with a credit card.


As you can see, fast deposit online casinos are now the norm. Even further, the instant deposit casinos, with all methods of banking they offer, are the standard for our review website. There is hardly any need anymore to wonder about the possibility of slow funding of your player account. All the casinos above offer instant deposits, the only decision one is left to make is which one they would choose.

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